Engage combines academic tutoring, therapeutic recreation, and cognitive behavioral control feedback. This combination of drug-free therapies improves focus and attention, reduces negative behaviors, and strengthens executive functioning.

We help those with ADHD, autism, anxiety, and other learning challenges by pairing academic tutoring with therapeutic recreation including wellness, social skills, and stress management resulting in successful learners.

Senior citizens can experience life at its best! Recreational Therapy decreases feelings of isolation, hopelessness, boredom; anxiety, stress, and depression by helping those with dementia enjoy stimulating fun activities, reminiscence, and memory enhancement.

Father of a high-school student:

Our son was struggling to pass his Algebra II class and his grade was well below passing. The tutoring he received from Mr. Jerry helped to bring him back to passing and also to pass his end-of-term exam.

Mother of an elementary-school student:

I would like to take the time to tell you ‘Thank you’ for helping our son. He has been going to TRC Tutor and Therapeutic Recreation Consultants since last October. Our son was a marginal student in reading and word study. He did not like reading at all and much of his schoolwork was a major challenge. He was constantly frustrated with school. Since starting TRC, his grades have improved. His reading and word study have improved also. I am also happy to say that school is getting to be less frustrating for him.

Father of an elementary-school student:

The coping methods you have taught our son have helped him to remain more focused and on task at school. His teachers have noticed the improvement. Again, thank you for all your fine work with our son.

Adult graduate student taking the Engage program:

I have noticed an improvement in focus and finishing activities at home. My list of “forgotten things” has decreased.

Adult graduate student taking the Engage program:

You helped me discover my learning style and how to “chunk” information so it is not overwhelming.

Mother of a high-school student:

My daughter enjoys coming to you. She keeps asking if she can come more than once a week.

Father of a middle-school student:

I don’t think I’ve thanked you for all you have done for our son so I would like to do that now.


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