About TRC

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At Therapeutic Recreation Consultants,
we help kids with special needs just be kids.

Recreational therapy is nationally recognized as an effective therapy for children and adults who have disabilities or special needs. It addresses such issues as stress, anxiety,  interpersonal skills, developmental play, self-esteem and motor skills. RT is fundamentally different from talk-based therapies because we approach our patients through activities using what they enjoy and do well as treatment tools.

RT is less threatening and less confrontational to many kids, and is able to take advantage of all learning styles and multisensory methods of learning. In fact, RT is an excellent counterpart to talk-based therapies because a child can analyze and apply their strategies for success.

We believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of recreational therapy, and we’re one of the oldest and most respected providers in North Carolina. Have a look around, and learn more about Therapeutic Recreation Consultants,  and recreational therapy.

As always, play with a purpose!



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