Just Another Day at TRCTutor

Several of you have asked me what makes TRCTutor different than a regular tutoring service.  It is the combination of Therapeutic Recreation and Academic Tutoring which is unique.  I work with the mental health side and our teacher deals with the academics.  By combining a licensed recreational therapist and a licensed teacher we can meet the many needs of the child who is experiencing multiple problems learning.

Here are some pictures taken today at the TRCTutor which will illustrate some of the ways we are different from traditional tutors.

Reading is so much more fun when you get to read to Grandma by the campfire under the stars.  And she never gets upset when you miss a word.

Teaching the camel some new tricks

Did you know that camels can  multiply?

And that you can do fun multiplication on your fingers?

Who knew learning was this much fun?  Yes, we do cover all of the traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic and test taking skills.  We just present it in ways that make your child more successful in learning these tasks.  By making it fun, and using specific techniques to  lesson stress and anxiety, your child will blossom and become successful in the traditional classroom.

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