New Year and New Beginings

Progress for the New Year

As we begin this New Year, we are doing our client progress reports and re-evaluations this week with our kiddos.It is so interesting to stop and really look at the kids and see how they have grown intellectually, academically, emotionally, and of course, physically.

Seeing our clients go from really struggling just to get through the day to gaining mastery over that which they used to believe was impossible is so very rewarding to us as teachers and therapists.

While it is true that there is a ways to go in reaching their goals, these are new and improved goals. These are the goals that our older kids now know that they can achieve.These new goals are not just to overcome academic and social deficits, but are ones that our kids desire and can attain.

What could be more rewarding than seeing smiles and progress? Perhaps, just the look of competence and satisfaction on our kids’ faces and the smiles of pride from their parents. We would like to thank all of our kiddos and parents for letting us join them on this journey of learning.

We love our job!

By Enjoying Life!

I am a NC Licensed and Nationally Certified Recreational Therapist, a wife, parent, friend, band geek, photographer, nature lover, swimmer, and artist. Actually, I'm interested in just about everything since I have an "insatiable curiosity". Managing stress, relaxation, and the mind-body connection is a favorite interest of mine. What is known about the brain is absolutely fascinating in its complexity and the effects it has on the body and this knowledge is developing by the second. The research is astounding! Since I have been involved in learning and public education through contracting work for decades, it just makes sense to start TRC Tutor, which is why I went back to school to get my Master's all of those years ago!

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