Spring has Sprung Here at Therapeutic Recreation Consultants

We have had a very busy time since our last blog.  Our NEW offices are located at 2444 Commerce Rd., Jacksonville, NC and we have just moved the furniture into the building.  Painting should be finished tomorrow.  But even more exciting than the added space are the new programs that we are adding. 

Today, I’ll address one of our new program offerings, the Play Attention program.  This program is truly an awesome program for kids who are hyperactive or have symptoms of ADHD, Aspergers, ODD, anger issues and so much more.  Imagine a computer program with fun games that teaches you how to focus your attention and trains your brain to do what you want it to do.  Does this sound interesting yet?  What if we told you that you get to wear a cool arm band while playing the games?  Oh yeah, did I  mention that you play the game with your mind without touching the keyboard or mouse?  Really!  This is state of the art technology and the arm band monitors your brain waves. Some of you may have had an EEG and the Dr. put lots of wires on your head to read your brain waves.  This is sort of like that, but there are no wires.  The armband does all the work and can tell when you are focusing on task and paying attention.  The best thing about this program is that it teaches you to pay attention to what you need to so that you can learn while giving us feedback about your attention so that we can help you learn how to learn! 

Imagine being able to do what your teachers (or parents) tell you to do without making mistakes.  Imagine easily understanding all of your school work.  Imagine completing your homework and getting good grades while spending less time completing your work. Imagine being able to make and keep friends more easily.  Now, imagine that learning how to do all of these things is fun.  Yep, that is Play Attention. 

There are recent studies done by Tuft’s School of Medicine in Boston that prove that this is an effective program. But even better, they have demonstrated that the positive effects of the program last long after the program is completed and that many of the children using it needed less or no medication.  (The medication thing must be decided by your Dr. because he has the training to determine how much you need).  In the Tuft’s study, none of the kids using Play Attention needed an increase in their meds 6 months after the program, while the kids not using Play Attention needed an increase.  Your Dr. can read all about the studies in the PEDIATRICS Vol. 133, Number 3, March 2014 and The Journal of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics – January 2014.

Now you understand why we are so excited!  We hope you are excited too!

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