Summer is Special

When kids (and parents) see spring flowers, they begin to dream about the freedom of summer.  They yearn for the chance to play without constantly worrying about the 3 Ts: teachers, tests, and tantrums.  Kids dream of long days filled with playing and learning fun things.  The continuous task of keeping up or catching up academically with their peers is over.


This makes summer a great time to begin tutoring with TRCTutor.  Kids learn academic subjects through our unique methods which feature playing to learn in our sensory room while practicing techniques to reduce anxiety and stress.  While their peers are loosing ground gained in school, our kids are catching up to their peers so that next school year will start on a great footing.

Which reminds us that spaces for summer tutoring at TRCTutor are filling up rapidly.  Our early-bird summer special will end soon.  Call us now to find out about our summer programs.

It’s time to think about Summer!

When school ends in June, will your child’s academic and social skills regress due to lack of practice?  TRC Tutor can help!

Sign up for our Early-Bird Summer Special and receive 25% off the regular price. With our stress-reduction program, your child will  practice and improve social skills while remedial tutoring will build up any academic weak areas. Sign up by June 10, 2013.

But wait, there’s more! Social skills can’t be practiced in a vacuum. Enroll with a friend and receive an additional 25% discount when they enroll.

When school starts back in August, your child will be prepared to re-enter a classroom with improved social skills while being academically stronger.

Contact TRC Tutor at 910-650-3734.

Our goal is the same as yours: your child’s success.



By Enjoying Life!

I am a NC Licensed and Nationally Certified Recreational Therapist, a wife, parent, friend, band geek, photographer, nature lover, swimmer, and artist. Actually, I'm interested in just about everything since I have an "insatiable curiosity". Managing stress, relaxation, and the mind-body connection is a favorite interest of mine. What is known about the brain is absolutely fascinating in its complexity and the effects it has on the body and this knowledge is developing by the second. The research is astounding! Since I have been involved in learning and public education through contracting work for decades, it just makes sense to start TRC Tutor, which is why I went back to school to get my Master's all of those years ago!

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