We are always pleased when we receive recognition. Even if it is something that we consider to be small or trivial, we are secretly pleased when someone notices what we’ve done and mentions it. We feel validated and are more likely to repeat that behavior.

Businesses have recognition programs for employees who accomplish goals. Schools have recognition programs for academic excellence. Almost all organizations in existence have done something at some time to appreciate the efforts of individual members.

This is why recognition is such an important part of how TRC Tutor works with our kids.

Children with learning disabilities, autism, and other neuro-experitential challenges carry a higher and more intense component of stress and anxiety that other children. They know their school performance is not the same as their peers. Yet, they don’t know how to get to the level of the class and be accepted by their fellow students.

We at TRC Tutor always look for some way to praise a child. However, it is not just a vacuous “Good Job.” The praise we give is always in connection to where our students started. That way the children can see that their performance has improved and that they are making progress.

For our kids, recognition is vital. They are often starved for positive attention. When we call attention to an improvement that they themselves did not notice, they are especially tickled. They just love being “caught doing something right.”

Which brings us to the second point of this blog post.

This month TRC Tutor was featured as the Program of the Month in the July 2017 Get S.M.A.R.T. News from Tina Watson, the author, found us after doing a nationwide search for Therapeutic Recreation businesses and visiting our website.

Our article is on page three so you’ll have to scroll down a bit. In it, you can read about Barbara’s philosophy behind Therapeutic Recreation Consultants and how TRC Tutor strives to find each “child’s joy so they can then function.”

The link to the article is .

So, there you have it. Recognition. We didn’t know that someone was looking at what we are doing, but we are honored to have been chosen for the article.

And yes, we are tickled.