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Everyone deserves to experience life at its best!  It is our belief at Therapeutic Recreation Consultants that quality of life is important for all people.  Often, people who have dementia and their caretakers find their worlds and contacts shrinking due to the challenges of participating in former typical activities.

This lack of the normal stimulation of life’s activities can increase feelings of isolation, hopelessness, anxiety, stress, and depression. We offer fun, stimulating activities, memory enhancement, and Recreational Therapy to meet these unmet needs.  Unlike day programs or respite programs, we offer individualized programs designed just for you.  Our program has a 1:1 staff to client ratio and is offered by the hour.  It is our desire to offer the client who lives in the community the best programming and activities that are offered in the finest assisted living facilities.

During our intake interview, we will give you forms to fill in and referrals to get.  We will do a thorough assessment concerning the client’s activity preferences, strengths and abilities, as well as medical conditions.  From this information, we will develop an individualized plan of action with you.



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