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 TRCTutor Engage Program

Introducing an awesome program for kids who are hyperactive or have symptoms of ADHD, Aspergers, ODD, TBI, LD and so much more. The Engage Program including Play Attention helps kids learn how to find and use their maximum attention, maintain time on task, learn social skills, discriminatory processing, and how to follow directions effectively.  They even learn stress management and coping skills with us. These performance enhancing effects are also helpful for adults with ADHD or adult athletes who want to increase their performance.  We even have adult students using our program as they pursue advanced degrees.

  • Imagine fun games that teach how to focus attention while staying on task and increasing academic performance.  Does this sound interesting yet?
  • Imagine wearing a cool arm band that is a mini EEG while playing the games?  Oh yeah, did I mention that you play the game with your mind without touching the keyboard or mouse? 
  • Imagine your child doing what his teacher (or parents) tells him to do without making mistakes.  Really!
  • Imagine completing homework and getting good grades while spending less time completing the work.  Yes, Please!

Don’t Imagine …EXPERIENCE IT! All of this while having fun.

At TRCTutor, we incorporate the Play Attention equipment and state of the art technology, behavioral program, cognitive games and our therapeutic recreation and academic tutoring program into a complete package of services for your child or even yourself.  The Play Attention program has been used by over 600 school districts and a USA Olympic Team to increase focus and performance.  It has even been used by NASA and a nuclear energy facility to achieve peak performance.

Now you understand why we are so excited!

ENGAGE is a service of Therapeutic Recreation Consultants 2014

There are recent studies done by Tuft’s School of Medicine in Boston which showed that children with ADHD achieved positive results from Play Attention and that these  results last long after the program is completed. Many of the children using it needed less or no medication 6 months after completing the program.  (The medication thing must be decided by your Dr. because he has the training to determine how much you need. Your Dr. can read all about the studies in the PEDIATRICS Vol. 133, Number 3, March 2014 and The Journal of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics – January 2014.

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