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One of the many things going on in our Magic Wardrobe!TRC is up and running again!  We are thrilled to offer the new TRC Tutor Program.  It is an academic tutoring program for children and youth who also suffer from anxiety, extreme stress, depression, learning disabilities, Autism,  Intellectual Disabilities,  and behavioral problems.  We also serve children who are gifted and experiencing anxiety or social issues.  Our master’s licensed teacher works with our master’s licensed recreational therapist to provide a customized academic program with a focus on relaxation, reducing stress, and anxiety through therapeutic recreation while improving learning skills.  It all takes place in our new sensory therapy room!  Some of the many joys of the program can be found in The Magic Wardrobe. 

What is The Magic Wardrobe?  It contains wondrous sensory things which change daily.   It may be a What or a Who or just a WOW.

One thing is for sure, it is never boring at TRC Tutor.  These pictures are just a small sample of amazing things which are hiding in The Magic Wardrobe.  And there are many more relaxing surprises in the room.  Perhaps, studying spelling under the night stars is your child’s style.  Learning math through magic is fun.  Or solving word problems with our many puppets is always a challenge.   Would your child  like to read a story to our grandma mannequin,  or would he prefer to drum his lessons? We can do that, too!

As you might guess, TRC Tutor is an active learning program which will focus on your child’s unique learning style so that she can get the good grades you want and leave the stress of school in The Magic Wardrobe.

By Enjoying Life!

I am a NC Licensed and Nationally Certified Recreational Therapist, a wife, parent, friend, band geek, photographer, nature lover, swimmer, and artist. Actually, I'm interested in just about everything since I have an "insatiable curiosity". Managing stress, relaxation, and the mind-body connection is a favorite interest of mine. What is known about the brain is absolutely fascinating in its complexity and the effects it has on the body and this knowledge is developing by the second. The research is astounding! Since I have been involved in learning and public education through contracting work for decades, it just makes sense to start TRC Tutor, which is why I went back to school to get my Master's all of those years ago!

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