We are so proud of our TRC Tutor Kids!

Report cards for our high school and elementary kids  are out and our TRC Tutor kids are shining brightly!  We are so proud of all of the improvements they have made.  It is through their continued hard work that they have been able to apply the techniques and lessons they have learned.  Congratulations,  kids.  You are all super stars!

There is still time to get in on our December 1/2 price special.  Sessions are by appointment only.


By Enjoying Life!

I am a NC Licensed and Nationally Certified Recreational Therapist, a wife, parent, friend, band geek, photographer, nature lover, swimmer, and artist. Actually, I'm interested in just about everything since I have an "insatiable curiosity". Managing stress, relaxation, and the mind-body connection is a favorite interest of mine. What is known about the brain is absolutely fascinating in its complexity and the effects it has on the body and this knowledge is developing by the second. The research is astounding! Since I have been involved in learning and public education through contracting work for decades, it just makes sense to start TRC Tutor, which is why I went back to school to get my Master's all of those years ago!

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